So, technically this is my first post. And before I really begin, I want to fill you in on why I’m doing this. I just recently hit a milestone and now its really becoming a crisis.

Professionally, I am not where I wanted to be. And my original goals changed along the way due to my indecisiveness. Which is really ironic because I see myself as being able to quickly determine what everyone else should be doing. So maybe I should be a guidance counselor or a talent scout.  But the idea still does not excite me.

I have worked in the restaurant business most of my life. Most of my family has worked in the restaurant business. My grandparents owned  The Lounge in Cadosia, NY and prior to that they both worked at the Trinkaus Manor in Oriskany, NY which was owned by my grandmother’s family. Both of my parents at one time worked at the Lounge for my grandparents but my dad became an electrician and my mom continued waitressing and bartending. Eventually, she got into real estate and now she owns a bar in S. Florida.

My philosophy is that basically, most people are good. And I do believe that everyone that sits at my table deserves the best service that I can give them. But there are still so many that test my beliefs on a daily basis. Also, I am under the constant pressure that corporate management passes down to make our jobs even harder. I will go into that in future posts.

Anyhow, I’ve kind of grown up in the business. I’ve been a waitress, a bartender, a cook, a hostess, I’ve bussed my own tables where we didn’t have bussers, I’ve washed dishes and I’ve been in charge where I managed and did all the inventory, ordering and receiving. And frankly I’m burned out.

I actually knew this was never going to be really what I wanted to do.My mom kind of got me into the business and it was her dream to put her kids to work and then give us the business one day. At times, it sounded like a good idea but I really don’t want the headache. Even now, my husband tells me I should look into getting a management position with all the experience I’ve had and our company has a program to help you do that but I do not want to work the hours they work for a set amount of money and trade one set of problems for a whole new set of problems. I know that if I got into management, maybe my ideas and opinions would be a little more respected than they are now. But I see how our managers still seem to kiss up to their higher-ups. I don’t say a lot but I do find that if I happen to be around a manager at a time I feel comfortable, then I do sometimes say something I feel strongly about. And I quickly realize I have to be careful about what I say. I just know, that I am tired of feeling like my 20 years of experience is not appreciated. On the one hand, they praise you but then on the other, they easily dismiss you if you disagree.

Well, I’m getting off the subject. But you should be able to tell that I’m just not happy with my job. My goal is to work for myself. And I have some ideas on how to do that but I’m not mentioning anything yet. Baby steps. But if you are reading this, you can go on this journey with me.

In fact, my first goal is figure out the layout of this blog. I like the theme I have now but I want it to be an easy read for my followers and I want it to pop. I want it to look like something you’d want to read, even if you don’t lol. Suggestions are welcome. Thankyou for reading my first post.  I might blog daily at first or every other day or weekly. It will depend on my schedule. I hope that I will be able lessen my time at my job and have more time to blog. I’m thinking, when I become more financially independent, I will blog more often. I hope you’ll subscribe .



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Tracy, I definitely want to explore your site, you got me interested. I only found you because I posted something that landed just above yours. Glad I checked. My wife has been a waitress at Cracker Barrel for years. She too is not interested in management because of the time and headaches. Hearing you talk sounded so much like what I’ve heard her say. But I’m “very” interested in your spiritual beliefs. I’m 56 and been a Christian all my life. You sound very interesting. I’ll be back soon.

    • Tracys Post says:

      Thank you for checking out my site and commenting. As with anyone who comments, I go and check out their site to see what might interest me, especially since you said your wife is a waitress too. A couple of my friends used to work at a Cracker Barrel. Anyhow, I checked out your blog and one of the first thing I noticed was the Trucking topic. I had to laugh, because my husband is a truck driver too. He’s out right now. He’s been trucking on and off for over 15 years or so. Got away from it for awhile and tried other things but now just bought a truck again recently and got leased on pulling a flatbed. He’s cussing himself a little because he realizes how out of shape he got. But anyways, thank you again for commenting, I will definitely be checking out your articles as well. I am always interested in other’s points of view.

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