God Sacrificed His Only Son For Us?

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I recently read something that had never occurred to me before. I am a little disappointed in myself for not realizing this particular contradiction. I guess it is because I was too busy analyzing the explanations of the Trinity and focusing on how absurd the Trinity still is to me.

So many times, I have heard from Christians, how loving God is, because he sacrificed his only son for us. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins. Nevermind that this source of information only comes from a very old Book that no one can verify the validity of its content. And somehow, this is supposed to be enough to convince us  that we should praise God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. We are supposed to just have faith that if we believe that this happened and live our lives according to God’s rules, than we will not be tortured for eternity in Hell. However, there are a few things that we have all forgotten about this whole issue of what God sacrificed.

So let’s try to understand this correctly. God decided to impregnate the Virgin Mary. And she gave birth to Jesus who was thought to be God’s son. But in reality, Jesus was God in human form. And since God is all-knowing of what will happen before it does, he knew that Jesus/Himself would be killed and being that He was God, he knew he would be resurrected but also would live for eternity anyhow. It doesn’t even matter if you believe in the Trinity or not. Even if Jesus was not God, God knew that Jesus would be resurrected and live forever after he was killed. How was this really a sacrifice?

And being God, the creator of the universe, creator of all living things, creator of all the stars, suns, moons, etc.. etc…., He could easily create a 1000 more sons if he wanted to. But didn’t he do that already? What do they mean by his only son? Are we not all his children? If so, than Jesus is NOT his only son.

And because God created this world and the people in it, He also created the situation in which Jesus’ murder would occur. Or at least he knew this was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.

Of course there is the free will thing. Christians will defend God by reasoning that God does not want to make you love him. He wants you to come to that decision on your own. But if you don’t you are going to Hell. Pretty clear what choice you should make if you know what’s good for you. And is it really free will when God knows every variable that will occur? God already knows how the game will end and what happens in the game. Does he enjoy watching all the suffering that is happening? If not, then why does he allow it? If it’s all for our own education, why is this necessary? All he has to do is give us the knowledge we need. And some will say that God did not create Evil. Man did. But God created Man. I thought Evil came from Satan who was created by God who knew before he created him, what would happen.

One more thing to consider about this great sacrifice. There have been countless soldiers and parents who chose to endure suffering and torture rather than give up a loved one.  Protestors who lit themselves on fire to make a point, numerous people who have been crucified because they refused to sell out a friend or loved one. And none of these people knew with complete certainty that they would be granted everlasting life. So how is Jesus’s crucifixion so special when He knew he his death was not really the end of his life?


15 thoughts on “God Sacrificed His Only Son For Us?

  1. Ok there little lady. I have been called many many things but those names are firsts lol. This is not a fake profile you are more than welcomed to friend request me, but frankly you come off a bit aggressive and it makes me nervous lol. Blogging comes with a huge responsibility that I am not sure you are equipped to fulfill. A responsible blogger should be open to comments even when they vary from theirs (especially when they pertain to subjects the blogger clearly knows nothing about) and they should post accurate information. But at this rate, you are bound to lose readers faster than you can make them. I don’t think I was ever disrespectful or offensive, and if you felt I was, I apologize(d). My posts have been based on facts not opinions.

    Your critical thinking skills seem to be a bit flawed and I will illustrate how: 1) Raccoons and cats cannot mate. They are not even in the same family. 2) Reptiles are not “slimy”. Frogs are amphibians. 3) Unicorn (Uni meaning ONE and Cornis meaning HORN), simply means one-horned; so it can be a Rhino, (some translations say Ox or Buffalo). The scientific name is Rhinoceros UNICORNIS. A simple google (research) search would have produced this “mystery”. 4) I provided the proper definition of Cult, and you insisted by defending it with your opinion and personally I found it, baseless. If by your “opinion” (but not the correct world view definition I provided) I am cultic or follow a cult then Amen. I would rather be serving my Lord Jesus Christ than serving the god of the earth, Satan, Matthew 12:30 5) Doctrinal ignorance argument. Christians have the best grasp on doctrinal variance. The Holy Bible was written for them. If a Bible believing Christian reads their Bible regularly as commanded by our God in Psalm 1:2, we will be able to detect any “deviation” right away from the Word of God and while I agree there are many churches that operate under Apostasia, there are twice as many that just teach the Bible, Salvation, Repentance etc. and handle doctrines correctly and not “cults”. Besides they are easily identifiable by each Churches Statement of Faith. Here is one I like and by proper definition, not a cult: http://www.genesisbiblechurch.org/statement-of-faith. We are responsible for our own discernment which God provides. People leave and join new churches all the time. You failed to provide examples where Gotquestions.com is “wrong about their facts”. I do not think you (nor I) are in a position to argue with Bible scholars who have Masters Degrees and have spent years studying and have made successful careers out of this and their claims are unanimous. That would be like arguing with a Physican. I fail to see where the bias is. And while you are most certainly welcomed to your opinion that does not necessarily make it true nor valid. And a resounding NO – the judgment and punishment in the Old Testament does not apply to me because I am a child of God, a Christian, not Jewish and do not live in the nation of Israel 600 BC. Also I am obedient and do not rebel against him or his laws. Also Christians are under the New Testament which means New Covenant/ New Law and nowhere is cannibalism found there. The Old Testament was the Old Law written for the nation of Israel (Jews) again these were not commands or directions but a warning of the judgment and subsequent punishment told by Prophets that would fall on the nation if they disobeyed God and his commandments. And I am sorry but where does it say “I will make you eat your children”?
    Ezekiel 5:9,10 And I will do in thee that which I have not done, and whereunto I will not do any more the like, because of all thine abominations. Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the winds.

    A little info on the book of Ezequiel: He became a prophet, called by God to the Jewish exiles (Gods chosen people and very blessed). His message has two points 1) God is going to allow the Babylonians to destroy what remains of the Jewish nation and to exile most Jews who survive the onslaught. But God will eventually send the Jews back home to rebuild their nation to levels of glory never seen before. WHY? Because the Jews broke their ancient promise to serve God. God will punish them for centuries of sin but punishment isn’t Gods final word. The messages end with Gods punishment achieving its effect: repentance, forgiveness and restoration. The Old Testament reads like a history book.

    As for slavery, God never condoned, requested nor supported it. In fact he called Moses to free the Hebrew slaves from Egypt.

    I am not sure why you are choosing to attack Christians, Christianity, God or the Bible but given the option I would rather side with Christians. Christians created the modern hospital and the basis for the modern university. They have established not-for-profits in the name of benevolence and altruism, in Jesus name, one that comes to mind is The Red Cross. We abolished slavery and elevated the rights of the poor and the oppressed. Christianity has made remarkable contributions in the field of science, ethics, government, economics and social justice. They are constantly in other sides of the country feeding and healing and are the first ones out when a natural disaster occurs. I don’t know what atheists or agnostics have contributed, besides spewing their self-serving demonic agenda.

    Lastly, I don’t feel welcomed here so I will not be returning. And personally being a born again, Bible believing Christian, I do not find any real value in your blogs and also do not appreciate Bible verses being changed nor taken out of context. But I see the value in you and can tell you that I will pray and ask God to send people to minister to you since you seem to be very confused on these matters but it is up to you to refuse or accept it, free will and all. Again, the Holy Bible was written for Gods children only, and this can be achieved by saying and meaning the Sinners Prayer, repenting and attending a Bible Based Church and heeding his commandments. I can recommend some really good Bible guides too, I use several but Stephen M. Miller wrote a great one. I don’t read the Koran because I don’t agree with it nor am I a follower of Mohammed so I won’t understand it either way and I don’t think it is fair to argue with followers who have a thorough understanding of it. Lately, thousands of people are coming to Christ everyday (especially in China). People all around me are embracing the Gospel and becoming servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t wait too long, it may be too late. God loves you and will never give up on you.

    • Anyone can make a fake facebook. And since I do not see that you have a wordpress account. Most likely you found my little blog via my facebook page of which you are not a subscriber to. And if you sought it out. What did you search for? Its not advertised and only has 3 followers because it is only meant to keep it separate from my personal page. Or you found it from another blog about a certain Pastor, where a troll was attacking me there and wound up having their posts deleted by the moderator because they found that it was one person using many different false names. They can find these things through IP addresses. Maybe I should check this out.

    • Confirmed. Your IP address is listed with your comments in my site stats. And what do you know, your location is the same location as where my brother and Stacey live but its not my brother’s IP address. What a coincidence sexiestblogger@aol.com. Now all I have to do is compare it with contacts I have from Stacey.
      It must be nice to be so superior that you would search me out to make demeaning comments to my character personally and how I choose to express myself. And if you had read my blog thouroughly, you would know I have never claimed to be an expert and when I made statements I was not sure of I said things like I think, because I did not always take the time to look everything up. I have the freedom to do that, just like you have the freedom to google your info too and spend a lot of your weekend attacking me. You should be careful as well, if you believe what you say, your responses no matter who started what, do not seem very God like, no matter how you try to sugar coat with God loves you comments. I know you dont have to admit your lie to me, so I guess you will go repent and all is forgiven til you do it again and repent again and so on. Do not force me to get more proof.

  2. well tracy i am a Bible believing christian, born again for almost 7 years now. i accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and have a heart for the lost so if there are any questions you can email me. i will tell you i believe and understand every single thing in the Holy Bible and God is great. Any “bad” things you read are for those who rebel or are disobedient so they dont apply to me. many things are read out of context. Romans is one of my favorite chapters. But I read it in one sitting and not pick and choose verses. Its like any other book, if you dont read it chapter by chapter it is difficult to understand. I can recommend the Apologetics or New Believers Bible but unless you love God and ask Jesus into your heart (sinners prayer) many wont understand. God will not open understanding to you. It is indeed a supernatural book. Its amazing that I talk to God people in the other side of the world and we have never disputed not one verse. We all have the same understanding. The Holy Bible is meant for Gods people only. And you say you did it then, well maybe you need to revisit that and humbly ask God to be his. God is available to everyone. we just have to ask him and many say NO. I dont want you God.

    • The bad things dont apply to you? Only the good things in the Bible that are also sometimes taken out of context? So you choose to be ignorant of the evil that God did and created.
      Reading your “Special” versions of the Bible will not persuade me. Especially when the New King James version changed all the references to Unicorns to Ox’s.
      Well if you read verse by verse, you will see I am not taking much out of context if at all.
      And I’m sure the God people you are affiliating yourself with are also drinking the Kool aid. Jehovah Witnesses did the same thing, not only could they agree with any true Witness anywhere in the world, the Watchtower made sure that on any given day anywhere in the world, if you left off on one Bible Study in say Sydney Austrailia, you could be sure that you would pick it up exactly where you left off in Sidney, NY.

      Have your Bible Scholars proven and/or given substancial evidence that the Bible is God;s word?

  3. i checked in to make sure that my postings were removed. i will email wordpress directly and have them deleted. i thought you were a new confused christian. so sorry. you are borderline committing the one unpardonable sin (matthew 12:31-32) only people who love God and accepted JC understand the Bible.

      • Mathew 7-7 ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you’

        To find God, He must deem you are truly worthy. Cast away all your earthly material possessions, desires, loves and seek to know Him only. Then the Holy Spirit will fall on you and bestow testimony of the living Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior and of His Holy Father.

        The Holy Spirit is the spiritual bond to God and bestows spiritual gifts and revelations to you so you will know the truth and the love that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost really have for YOU and the world.

        The Joy the Holy Spirit bestows on you is the Joy of Heaven and is much greater than ANY Joy you have ever felt on this Earth!

        Jesus did Not Lie and Jesus did not have to die, but evil men killed Him for greed and power. His resurrection triumphed and Jesus’ message lives on to help the needy and His loving children while they are on this Earth.

        We are all temporary travelers here on this Earth. I love Jesus and owe Him everything I have today. God laws are spiritual and must be followed to have happiness and contentment. Material gifts and goals give Temporary joy only, Spiritual gifts give joy everlasting.

  4. ps read the verse before Romans 8:14 (All those lead by Gods spirit are Gods son.) So we are his creation, only the ones that accept JC are his children. Sorry i hit send too fast pls delete all my comments soory you were offended and people do not convert God does. Like Saulpaul i was trying to explain since you seem a little confused sorry again

    • Keywords gave your identity away before you posted on facebook as well. Up until now my posts have been liked and commented on with respect. Even if they dont agree with my views. I have 10 followers now since I started writnig more in the last couple months and at least 4 of them are Christians. I dont go on their blogs and argue my differences. And as you will see I have left your comments on here. I could delete them myself if I want to.

      I do welcome other opinions, as long as they lead to healthy debates. But when statements are made such as:

      “if you have real christian family or friends you should ask them all these very important questions. blogs dont really help in fidning truth”

      And let me just say that I think most bloggers would agree with me in saying that writing is very cathartic. And since I am no longer just keeping a journal, I actually have to research and think a little before I write an article, I am able to retain it a little better or at least have in documented for future reference.

      So forgive me for being rude. An eye for an eye isnt always the best way to handle things.

  5. oh wow sorry it was an open blog. i wont comment further. please delete all my comments i was bored and playing on the computer since it is raning and i cant go fish. i wont visit yur blog again. im sorry

  6. we are all his creations but not all his children when we become his children understanding is opened to us so we understand all these things. if you have real christian family or friends you should ask them all these very important questions. blogs dont really help in fidning truth

    • I know there are some scriptures that say that. And then Romans 8:16 says: The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,
      You are talking sumantics.
      It sounds much like birth father and adopted father. God being Jesus’s birth father, would make God like our adopted father. Only difference is, an adopted father has nothing to do with the birth of their adopted child and God has everything to with everyone being here.
      However, a birth father is also a creator, without his seed, there would not be life even though he may be there to raise the child.
      So I do not really see the difference.

      Jesus was God’s creation just as we are, whether it was by God’s seed or dirt from the earth that God created.

      As far as your unsolicited advice on my family. I am a little offended, especially since I do not know you. I do not know your family or your background. Forgive me, if I have misunderstood you, but your statement makes it sound like Christians are the only ones who could answer my questions. But for the record, I have prayed many times for answers that I have never gotten from God or from Christians.

      And on the last unsolicited comment, which is also a bit offensive, since I have never once written about trying to find the truth through my blog. What is your purpose for reading my blog? Since you are obviously not trying to find the truth. Are you trying to start arguments? Surely , you are not trying to convert me with rudeness.

  7. Awesome! As much as I love my bible I trust only my instinct that says says Jesus wasn’t a sacrifice he came to suffer with us not for us. I personally believe every man will have his fair chance to make better choices. Why we have to suffer in the first place is the question a righteous all knowing creator must have a greater cause of action right? I have a few theories but God won’t reveal until we are able to understand.
    To Tracy…your an awesome person I like the way you question religion! My God loves that about you so please don’t give up on him yet! I believe great things are coming for our children!

    • Thankyou. The one thing I know, is you are a good person with a loving heart. And to have that through out everything, where ever it comes from, is amazing.

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