Life Without Meaning

One of several versions of the painting "...

One of several versions of the painting “The Scream”. The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the meaning of Life? Does it really need to have a meaning? Since this is the only life I know of, I’m just grateful to still be living it. It may not be better than what other’s lives might be like but if I didn’t have it, I would not even be writing about it. Or would I?

Some say, its not about the destination, its about the journey, so stop and smell the roses….. Its not where you’re going, its how you get there….

I say, perhaps Life is ALL about the what you learn from it. Its the best education you can get without going to a formal school. Perhaps, we are all on this planet to learn and grow in our way of thinking.

There’s a big controversy between Creation and Evolution and I find myself believing less and less in the Bible‘s version of Creation. I haven’t seen all the evidence to convince me completely on the evolution theory but I do think human beings evolve. I think we have been evolving phsycologically for centuries. But it varies from culture to culture and we seem to have a majority of sheep following their heard. Only a few brake away and become shepards and some just become black sheep. (No racist jokes intended)

No matter what you call it, there IS some kind of energy that causes our bodies to move and function. The brain is what controls those movements and functions but what controls the brain? Science says energy never dies, so what happens to our energy when the body dies? It must go somewhere. Is that what the Bible calls a soul? And if so, then how is it that animals do not have souls? What is it that’s powering their brains? Or maybe we all are originally charged to full power at birth and although resting helps, we can only be recharged so many times and certain activities in our lifestyle can shorten our battery life and eventually, the battery just dies and then we have to get a whole new one, only it comes along with getting a whole new body too. Maybe we come back as many different types of people of both genders and of all cultures so that we can fully understand different types of thinking and experiences. But as we go through these lives, we do not remember our past lives. It might be somewhere in our subconcious or on another memory card that is being stored for later use but we are given only certain tools from those past lives to help guide us in our new life and allow us to sort of pick up where we left off. Then when we learn all there is to learn, we move on to an eternal Paradise or Utopia of our own making.


27 thoughts on “Life Without Meaning

  1. Tracy,
    I have not commented on any of your blog posts since the last one, “Is your Pastor getting rich off of you” where you continued your attack against my church. ( You said you didn’t mention Calvary Chapel FTL in that post but you sure as heck tagged them in it.) Whoever you think this person is, know that it is not me. And before you ask me if it is Stacey, let me tell you that I do not know and I do not care. I have not spoken to her in two weeks. My issue is with you right now. Until this week I had not checked on your blog or your FB page. And I wish I hadn’t given in to my curiosity. Some of the things you are saying there and here are really disturbing me. Your recent cannibalism post where you made light of abortion absolutely apalled me. That is why I first attempted to comment and then tried to delete. I didn’t want to engage you again. I’m tired of all of this and I’m tired of reading anything that you write. You stop at your questions and thats it. You take issue with examples of God’s judgement but you have no issues with the horrible sins that were being committed and you give no fair examples of consideration to the numerous times God spared people of their sins nor the multiple times he gave warnings and chances for the people to repent before enacting His judgment.

    Aside from your often times distorted views on everything and the occasional outright false claims (ie Maine Coon and flying ants just to mention the recent), I am tired of reading comments by you talking specifically about me. As if you don’t know that I’ve been following this. You know I read this. How could you just blatently talk about me? You are acting like a hypocrite, Tracy. You say everyone should be able to believe what they want to believe but you are publicly calling my church a cult and purposely attacking the bible that I believe in all because you say you are concerned about me. You are talking to strangers about me and giving only one side of the story. You are not acting out of concern, Tracy. You are acting out of pride, or pain, or something else but certainly not concern. If it is all meaningless like the title of this post, why are you even writing about it?

    I am so tired and drained from all of this. Not only can we not talk about religion, Tracy, but we obviously just can’t talk at this time. I am officially done. Do not even bother replying to me via this blog. I will make my best effort to resist my temptation to look even though I’m sure you will because of your incessant need to get the last word as proved by every final reply of yours to date. I also will not be looking at your FB page anymore, either of them. Some of the things, aside from being nothing more than mudslinging tactics and complete disregard to context, some things are surpassing simply being offensive. they are verging on disturbing. You are not opening my eyes and you are not opening anyone elses with things like that and a good number of the other equally offensive posts you’ve made. In fact, offensive is the key word here. I highly doubt I am the only one of your 345 FB friends or family that believes in the God of the bible. Do you have no consideration or respect for their beliefs? The level of your comments have become exactly like those for what you deleted Stacey for in the first place. I guarantee some of your own family members do not care for some of the gross mispresentations of the God they believe in that you have presented. I feel so bad that anyone else should have to be offended because of your unnecessary concern for me.

    I love you, Tracy, and I know how this started but you have “helped” to push this past a point of no return and I can no longer watch this obsession of yours because it has become one of mine. I am juggling so many positive responsibilities right now and cannot allow your attacks, whether realized or not, to hurt me any longer. The worst part of all of this is you feel like it is because of my new found faith that you and I are not close anymore. Or why I get angry so easily. Simply not true. Somewhere along the lines we grew apart. Not your fault or mine, we just did. I was dealing with my life issues and you were dealing with yours. If were still close you might have noticed in the last 4 years my issues with anger were increasing. It was actually the people who were closest to me that were being affected by this as is sadly so often the way. You and I hardly talked in the last few years when you really think about it. You say we used to be able to talk about religion and things. The last time before these last couple months that you and I talked about God was over 10 years ago. Get real and realize that you have been just as distant as I have. But I was in a dark place believe it or not, as are you too whether you admit it or not, and it has been God that has begun to bring me out of it because of my acceptance of Jesus Christ having died on the cross for me. I’m not forcing anything on anyone and I am doing nothing wrong. You are not doing any of this to help me.

    I hope your readers enjoy this family feud and I hope your reply to this is for their sake and not mine. Like I said, if you have something to say to ME or something you want ME to read or consider, you have my phone number, my email address and you know where I live. As I have said before, i will never stop praying for you. I love you so much and am so sorry for ever having hurt you. I just don’t know what else to do now which tells me there probably is nothing I can do so I am faithfully leaving you in God’s hands and those of His true believers. Take care, sis, and know that you can call on me for any reason for anything at anytime. Just preferably in a more traditional mode of communication than a blog or FB comment.

    Love, Cody

  2. also horses and donkeys are in the same family but mules cannot reproduce. sorry i was a biology and biochem major with a minor in anthropology. email me if you have any questions. im off for a full day of fishing.

  3. is a site run by unbiased Bible scholars, and Bible teachers, not religious at all lol. What issue do you have with them. maybe its something i have to look into. also God did not condone slavery, eating people, etc. people have free will, he was making a prediction. for example the cannalbolism issue he was saying that people who turn away from God will do this. You will see that all acts of cannalbolism are performed by Godless people. You never hear of a real Christian doing this. hope that makes sense. and yes if you are not filled God that leaves an empty vessel for the devil to fill.

    • Uh Bible scholars and Bible teachers are biased whether you choose to call them religious or not, lol. And you should read it again, In Ezek 5:9-10 this is god saying “I will make you eat your children… ” This is a THREAT and an evil one even if not carried out.

  4. hi i checked out all those links and the problem is not of those were written by Bible scholars, theologians, world religions teachers – they are mostly people putting an opinion with no evidence etc. What makes a cult a cult is that fact that their teachings are different from the Holy Bible. 1 John 4:1 commands us to “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

    What Bible Scholars and experts say:

    Question: “What is the definition of a cult?”

    Answer: When we hear the word “cult,” we often think of a group that worships Satan, sacrifices animals, or takes part in evil, bizarre, and pagan rituals. However, in reality, most cults appear much more innocent. The specific Christian definition of a cult is “a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth.” In simpler terms, a cult is a group that teaches something that will cause a person to remain unsaved if he/she believes it. As distinct from a religion, a cult is a group that claims to be part of the religion, yet denies essential truth(s) of that religion. A Christian cult is a group that denies one or more of the fundamental truths of Christianity, while still claiming to be Christian.

    The two most common teachings of cults are that Jesus was not God and that salvation is not by faith alone. A denial of the deity of Christ results in Jesus’ death not being a sufficient payment for our sins. A denial of salvation by faith alone results in salvation being achieved by our own works, something the Bible vehemently and consistently denies. The two most well-known examples of cults are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. Both groups claim to be Christian, yet both deny the deity of Christ and salvation by faith alone. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons believe many things that are in agreement with or similar to what the Bible teaches. However, the fact that they deny the deity of Christ and preach a salvation by works qualifies them as a cult. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and members of other cults are “good people” who genuinely believe they hold the truth. As Christians, our hope and prayer must be that many people involved in the cults will see through the lies and will be drawn to the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

    • This is not entirely true.
      It is a contradiction of terms to call a Christian ministry a cult because a cult cannot be Christian, but a Christian or a group can be CULTIC. A ministry may be cultic and still be Christian. In other words, it may retain all the trappings of basic, Baptistic Christianity, but still exhibit cult-like attributes. For example, a group may follow traditional Christian beliefs in most areas, but may also adopt a doctrine that is not of God as lead to believe. They may be “born again” believers. But, because of their doctrinal ignorance, they are on the Cult Path.

  5. christians dont follow pastors they learn from them if not it is considered idolatrious they are Bible teachers google cult leaders i visted many churches until i settled on one the one that i learned the most Bible from i stayed bye doll keep up the good work

  6. actually only the same species can mate. there is proof from nicro evolution not macro (humans) and frogs are considered amphibians btw. we are leaning more towards cambrean explosion which lines up perfectly with the Bible’s Claim. I can recommend some great sites but blogs arent going to help you since they are peoples (not experts) opinions on things. Here are two, and regarding slavery, canalbolism, rape if God condoned these in the Bible (he did not) it helped me alot on my search. I didnt bother with people unless i trusted them but left it to the experts (geologists, archeologists, historians, scientists – people are dumb sometimes they repeat things without researching. God bless.

    • oh so sorry, was thinking slimy things, but snakes and lizards are still reptiles. There have been exceptions such as the horse and donkey breeding to create a mule. And I’d rather not get any information from since they have been very wrong about some of their “facts” and their information is formed from their beliefs or their version of the truth. And Got Questions is written by a biased religious group who can only “claim” to understand the Bible’s meanings. How is it that God did not condone what were His orders? Really? Why would anyone order someone to do these things if they did not condone them? Unless….God was under Satan’s influence too?

      • PS I’m not getting all my information strictly from blogs. If I happen to read someones blog that points out something that I had not thought about, I look up all of the Bible facts first. And I am comparing the scriptures on:
        Especially since I found out that there are Unicorns in the original King James Version. No wonder they made a New King James Version and changed that to an Ox. Deuteronomy 33:17 Psalm 22:21, 29:6, 92:10 Numbers 23:22, 24:8, Job 39:9-10,

  7. lol you seem a little confused cults (google) dont follow Jesus they follow manson, korash, jones, joseph smith people who follow Jesus are the real deal, not cults (follow people not God or Jesus) hope that helps

  8. btw… look up Puma Punku on youtube. It is my most mind twisting thing i have seen on planet earth. I think that we have lost majorly intelligent societies several times in the past and had to start from scratch again. Man has been around a lot longer than we once predicted.

    • I started to look that up but have not had much time to watch or read anything about it, but I will. I can’t believe I have never heard of Puma Punka. I usually watch all of that stuff about the Pyramid mysteries, ancient aliens, the Bible and Aliens. Which when I talk about some of those things, even though I am very open to those possibilities, I hear myself sounding like a crazy person. Up until somewhat recently, I still would fear my doubt in the Bible but because my brother who is now dedicating his life to Jesus via a Mega Church/(Cult), I have felt compelled to revisit past studdies of the Bible and it has really freed me because I am realizing how ludicrous it all is. I have always questioned the things n the Bilbe that didn’t make sense to me even as a child and it still doesn’t make sense. So that is why you will see alot of religious related posts for now. My brother and I got close as we got older and we have always basically agreed on our thoughts about our family, friends etc… but now we completely disagree on his new found truth and it is eating me up. We have not talked in a couple months because last time we did, we argued and we even argued in facebook messages. So I told him, we can no longer talk about religion or we cant talk at all. I said I don’t want to stop talking to him but I do not want to argue either.
      Anyhow, sorry for rambling and thanks for following and commenting.

      • that is a tough one. I think you are right to eliminate religion from the topic table with your brother. Be patient. Remember this is his new thing so he is going to be wanting to talk about it. Those christians really know how to push it! That is the thing i hate most about it. Stay strong and be patient. You hopefully will in time get your brother and you back on track. It is hard for them to respect that we all can believe different things once they have found what works for them. Remind him that you do not try and convert his beliefs and he should show you the same respect. I got lucky. When my brother went shopping for a religion, he landed at a super esoteric church that pushes spirituality and some science. Phew! I actually kinda like his church (unity) although i tune out the jesus stuff when i happen to accompany him once in a while. Good luck girl! Hopefully he will come around!

  9. BTW i actually have a maine coon. They did not cross breed but are bread to hunt racoons, They by chance kinda look like them… but more like a fox tail and a lion-ette maine. They are also known to have shorter fur on their underside so to not get caught in the brush as well as super long fur between the toes (toe fur) to help keep their paws warm and wide while walking in Maine snow. Their tails are very full to keep them warm. they will use it like a stole or a seat warmer. They are also very talkative! Very sweet. My friend has one that is at least 30 lbs. I think he could win the guiness record but wont apply. The fattest cat in the world died a couple months ago so there is an opening for a new guiness record holder! Haha!

    • My mother in law has a Maine Coon and I might have gotten the background confused from her but they say that theirs will kind of sit up on back legs and make really strange noises like you might hear from a Racoon. But they are definitely a unique cat breed. I really love all animals but I am partial to cats simply because I grew up mostly with them.

      • I have never gotten Arthur to sit up on his back legs, but he is a hell of a talker! He ‘chirps’ and talks every time he is happy when i am petting him. I am trying to get him to say ‘Mama’ but have been unsucessful so far. came close once though! As for racoons, i was lucky enough to one time move into a new apt. and the first night, a racoon got into the wall next to my bed and gave birth to a litter of little ones. It sounded like someone was getting gang raped. No lie. It was so crazy! About a week later i saw her leave our backyard with 5 little replicas following her. They were so cute! but i was not about to go and try and make friends with one! Those mothers will tear you up when they are protecting their flock! Anyway, i am glad that Arthur does not make that kind of noise. There is probably a cat in america that does though! Anything and everything in the usa. Haha. 😉

  10. That is EXACTALLY E X A C T A L L Y What i think. I think you and i would have some very interesting chats! It feels so good to find another that has your exact belief system… especially when it goes against the norm. The one thing i have decided though, is that Christians bug the fuck out of me. They are just too damn preachy! Following you. Great writing! Keep it up!:)

  11. I agree I’ve never seen it with my eyes. Which is also why I wrote that I have not seen enough evidence to convince me yet either. Although, cats and racoons have mated and created what is now known as the Maine Coon I think. And we have flying ants that didn’t exist in the beginning of the 20th century. However, there is an abundance of scientific evidence but you have to be a scientist to understand it and I’ll leave that to them for now, just like I will leave surgery to the surgeons. And the only other expanation is creation which also has not been witnessed by anyone and has the least amount of evidence if any because it deals with faith and things written by man.

    Again, not sure about the whole evolution theory which is not what I was even trying to defend or promote. But what I do know is, no one argues that a beagle and a wolf are of the dog species. Or that frogs, alligators and snakes are all reptiles. But not all believe that humans could be a species of apes even though we have similar characteristics such as oposable thumbs. And certain apes have been taught to communicate with sign language. And not just on command like some circus trick. But there’s video of them actually expressing how they are feeling and what they need. It’s quite compelling.

    I appreciate your comment though, and I will look into those suggestions.

  12. evolution is something you have never seen with your eyes. yes you have seen all kinds of illustrated diagrams which show us what allegedly happened. But these are drawn by men who have in turn learned these things from men–none of whom were here when the beginning of life took place with absolutely no evidence to support it. read the dark side of Darwin and google evidence against evolution.

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