God and the Paranormal

God and the paranormal have been of great interest to me since I was a kid. Unlike, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy(who must have been real, I got money every time I left a tooth under my pillow!) who I have never seen other than someone dressed up as one of these fictional characters, I have seen and experienced what could be ghosts.

As a kid, you tend to “believe” anything. You want to believe in fairy tales especially with happy endings. And when your parents tell you Santa sees you when you’re sleeping, sees everything you do, you better be good. You tend to listen, or at least around Christmas time because most parents and even Santa seems to forget what you did earlier that year.

However, when I was growing up, no one ever told me God wasn’t real. As a child, I never “accidentally” overheard anyone talking about God not being real. I did see many shows with people dressed up like Mary and the baby Jesus. And although when most people talked about ghosts, it was always with a wink and a smile, as if it were a joke and they didn’t really believe in them but a lot of the same people who joked about them, would end up talking quite seriously about having seen one or having something happen that lead them to believe in them. Also there have been numerous books written on both God and Ghosts. There’s also the belief in Satan, the Devil and demonic spirits. But if you believe in the Devil then you must also believe in God and vice versa.

Now as I’ve written, I outgrew the well intended lies that were told to me as a child. I did enjoy believing in those things and it was disappointing when I learned the truth but I got over it and I can see that it was done out of tradition and control. The tradition part should be obvious and the control part was to help parents keep misbehaving children in line.

But with God, there’s this book called the Bible that I was told was written by prophets as told to them “by GOD”! And no one is telling me this isn’t true. Millions of people believe in him. Many, many churches that many people attend every Sunday and more often with various religions. So God has to be real right?

Well then there’s my fascination with Ghosts. Right along with the Bermuda Triangle and Aliens. But more so with spirits simply because when I would complain about not being able to sleep in our house because I was scared of the noises I heard, my grandmother once said that maybe I was hearing spirits. My mother quickly said”Ma, don’t tell her that, it’s just the roomers upstairs” (Roomers are what we called the tenants that we rented rooms to on the second floor)  So, there was a bit of doubt when that happened. But I also remembered when my 2nd cousin died and how upset my dad was and we went to visit family and overhearing one of his siblings describe the dream that they had, the night he died. In the dream, he was in their bedroom and was telling them he loved them and goodbye. Then shortly after that his other sibling said they had the same dream. Even now, I’ve heard stories that he some of the family saw him after he died in their house just walking through the kitchen.

After we moved from NY to FL. We moved from an apartment in Hollywood, FL to a townhouse in Pembroke Pines, FL. I was maybe 14 or 15 and I was in my bedroom upstairs sitting on my floor in front of my stereo listening to music. I had gotten up maybe 30 min to an hour earlier, so it was probably around noon time on a weekend. My door was open to my right. Outside my door to the right was the doorway to my younger brother’s room. And as I was making a cassette tape of one of my favorite songs, my brother caught my eye. He ran out of his room past my door and I assumed down the stairs. I immediately yelled for him. I don’t remember why exactly. I guess I wanted to ask him why he was running or what he was doing or something. But he didn’t answer, I continued to yell for him, even as I got up and went to the top of the stairs, yelling down after him. I never heard the front door so he couldn’t have gotten that far. He had to hear me. Finally, mom started yelling at me asking why was I yelling for my brother. When I told her, she said I must have been dreaming because my brother wasnt home and had left earlier to go to his friend’s house. She kept laughing at  me but I was convinced I saw someone run by me. I even went downstairs half scared that I might find an intruder.  I was only 2 feet from the hallway when I saw him and although I actually didn’t see the boys face and I wasnt sure if his hair was dirty blonde or brown, I saw a barefoot boy wearing tan corduroy shorts and no shirt. I just assumed it was my brother who had blonde hair. But no one was in there. So maybe I did imagine it. I started to doubt myself. But it was so vivid. I mean corduroy shorts! Which I would notice because I hated corduroy.

Anyhow, weeks or months maybe later, I was hanging out with my friend who lived in another townhouse connected by other homes in between us. We were just sitting outside like we often did, talking. And she mentioned the boy she used to know who lived in our house before us. He had committed suicide. Fortunately,it did not happen in our house but shortly after he moved. So after she told me that, I said “Ok this is going to sound strange but did you ever see him wearing tan corduroy shorts?” She was like yeah, lots of times, he usually wore shorts and went barefoot. I can’t remember if I asked her what color his hair was but I told her I think I might have seen him in our house.

Okay, so this is where my dilemma began. If I believe in God and if I believe that the Bible is God’s word, then Ghosts are demons trying to trick us. Okay but why is it that all of the miracles that God used to perform, he no longer does. Why doesn’t he actually speak to anyone anymore? Some claim that He has but usually found to be lying or crazy. My grandfather once told me that God was no longer interacting with us because the Devil said that people would stop believing in him if he did not interfere. So he is allowing the Devil time to do his worst to make that happen until a certain amount of time when the Bible predicts that the Devil will be cast into the lake of fire. I can’t remember where this is stated in the Bible, if at all but even if it is not, then there is no explanation as to why God no longer performs amazing nature defying miracles that used to prove his existence. One might argue that he still does but usually the miracle they claim can be explained by science and it is never something predicted. No one that I know of, ever announces that God has spoken to them directly and that if you don’t do something, this will happen and then it happens. And all of these recent natural disasters that people think are acts of God are not new. These are not unusual events that have never happened before. Many of these types of weather phenomenons have been occurring probably since the beginning of the world. But its only been since the 20th century that we’ve had more advanced technology that allows us to spread the news faster and keep records of these events. Before that we had written records that cities or towns kept but the earth was also not as populated as it is now. So any type weather even that might have been catastrophic now, would not be so bad if it happens in an unpopulated area where there is no one to witness it.

Also at the time I possibly saw a spirit, I wasn’t seeking one out. It had been a long time since I had read anything about them and I was still in the habit of praying to God. I didn’t know about the boy committing suicide either. And since that time I never seen anything again like that there or anywhere else. I have seen other things that lead me to believe there is something going on that I cannot always see or always hear or always feel. What that is, I do not know. I no longer live with a black and white outlook. My world is filled with many colors. I will always be critical of information given to me on a case by case basis but for now my door is still open to God and the Paranormal.

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3 thoughts on “God and the Paranormal

  1. Awesome post Tracy you are exactly where you should be! I myself have had many supernatural experiences with my God but most are for my eyes only. It’s hard to share because they are personal. It’s possible that this memory may be resurfacing for a reason so keep it on the surface. If I could inspire you in any way it would be you can follow Christ and still explore the world and it’s possibilities.

    • Thankyou! You already do inspire me. Your story is very grounding. You are an amazing person. And I hope that you realize that too. I also hope that you realize that you deserve to be happy and enjoy whatever it is in life that you desire.

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