What if there is A God


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

What if the atheist are wrong and there is a God? Christians will use this to debate atheists or agnostics often. They site things from the Bible and talk about faith and belief and all of God’s promises and what will happen to those who do not accept this to be true. Atheist site all of the Bible contradictions and inconsistencies and well researched facts. Each side can make claims of theology scholars who have studied the history of the Bible although, some of these scholars may be a bit biased in their studies, perhaps trying to prove what they already deem as truth.

Well what if they are both right?

Most might argue that this is not possible. There’s either a God or there is not.  Either you believe in Him or you don’t. But what if the issue is Not if there is a God or not, what if the issue is did he really inspire the writings in the Bible?

I have spent most of my life agonizing over what has been written in the Bible. The fear of going to Hell  if I’m wrong, has tormented me. And it has pained me greatly to understand how God could be loving, compassionate, understanding and fair yet have such cut and dry demands on how to worship him and how to get into heaven. With what seems to be no allowance for people who are truly searching for answers and not out of rebellion or defiance. Someone who demonstrates all the moral conduct required in the Bible and who’s only flaw is that they are not sure if there is a God, is destined to go to Hell. Yet murderers, rapist, and child molesters may go to Heaven as long as they repent and accept Jesus as their savior. Within reason, I believe in second chances but why is it that there is a stipulation in order to receive that chance? God must know my mind, He must know my good intent, but he still demands that I believe it or else? Do as I say, that’s it? Does that not sound like a dictator? Wouldnt a fair and compassionate God, help me understand? Even if I was not able to come to the conclusion that he wanted by the end of my life? Would he not help me get to that conclusion like a patient and loving parent does with their child? This isn’t about dealing with a 2-year-old that doesn’t yet understand reasoning and you have to give an immediate slap on the hand to get them to stop putting their finger in an electrical outlet. These are some of the reasons I have trouble believing that God is exactly as this Bible written by men would have us believe.

Anyhow,I do not have a problem with people wanting to study the Bible. I have done so. I just have a problem with people who claim to follow only the Bible and God yet they only choose the good parts of the Bible to learn from and they dismiss the parts they say is not valid anymore. As in Old Testament but if you read all of the Bible you can find horrifying things in the New Testament as well.If you are religious, it is required that you learn about the entire Bible. If you are Atheist or even in between, you should arm yourself with this knowledge so that you know if someone is giving you false information or not.  I urge everyone to read the Bible whether you believe in God or not.

Download your copy of the King James Bible today!

23 thoughts on “What if there is A God

  1. Just a thought about “evidence for God.” If you mean scientific evidence, you’re mixing up two things that have no relationship to each other.

    Science at present has no evidence for the existence of consciousness. By “consciousness” I mean “what it is like to be aware” or to be sentience, to have subjective awareness of phenomena.

    Brain activity, in this sense, is a correlate of verbal descriptions that scientists have accepted to be related to subjective experience. it is not evidence of subjective experience. Simple scientific evidence of this is non-REM dreams. We know that dreams take place outside of REM sleep because lucid dreamers have given signals during non-REM dreaming, while hooked up to various kinds of monitors in sleep labs.

    Remember that our only “evidence” for the existence of anything is our experience of it. Without experience, there is no evidence for colors, sounds, tactile sensations, odors or taste. Measurement of sound waves, various wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum is, like the correlation of brain activity with experience, only capable of pointing to colors, sounds, etc because test subjects’ verbal reports have described these various “qualia”. The sound waves, etc, themselves do not constitute scientific evidence.

    To put it as simply as possible, since there is no scientific evidence for consciousness (defined as above) there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the universe.

    • But there is scientific evidence to the existence of God, His living spirit of Life. Scientists can describe the molecular composition of a ‘Living Cell’ but cant in any way describe why it is ‘alive’ or cant create a living cell by putting together inert molecules. In other words, scientists do not know how to make the inert atoms come to life. It is the spirit component of the cell that orchestrates the atoms to ‘live’. Remember a living cell has no brain but lives and exists with life. Scientists cannot even create a simple living Plant Cell from a mass of organic molecules without using another living cell to spawn.

      • Yes yes, of course, Citizenx911 (are you a communications specialist??). I was not speaking to people who can think, i was speaking to materialists, who believe this kind of nonsense. I was just saying, from their point of view, if they want to play the materialist game of “there is no evidence for God” (which, if you accept their assumptions, is actually correct), then you have to force them to carry their assumptions to the ridiculous conclusion. If (and remember, I don’t believe this, as I am not quite psychotic or stupid enough to be a materialist) you accept the materialist assumptions, then yes, there is not only no evidence for God (“God” is an impossibility if you believe in materialism, but then, you’ve had to be either psychotic or intellectually disabled to believe in it – or both) but there is no evidence for anything in the universe.

  2. I can tell you truly Tracy, 1000%, that God really exists! God saved me when I was 21 years old and I will never forget His kindness and love to come down from Heaven and save little old me. I will be always remember and be grateful for Him. GOD IS PURE LOVE!!!!

    • Very interesting site. Alot of good information. I have to say that I was a little worried at first that you were going to be a very strong willed Christian that just wanted to start an argument with me. But I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for commenting.

      • LOL…no nothing like that, just want to engage in healthy and edifying conversation.

        I’m still strong willed, but not sure if I can still call myself a christian

  3. Hi Tracy it’s Lisa!this site wasn’t easy to sign up for but I enjoyed this post and wanted to leave a reply. This is such a touchy subject and it shouldn’t be.I hope I can inspire you to keep searching as I believe God wants you to find something and he will let you know when you have found it. I personally have a passion for Revelations and God keeps that passion alive by revealing some of its mystery. If the notes journal I gave you makes any sense chances are he needs your attention there as we are there .So keep searching of you need a friend remember me!

  4. BairbreSine (Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn) says:

    May I ask why you have chosen to recommend the King James Bible? It is the hardest of the translations to understand because it is written in Elizabethan English centuries ago. Some of the meanings of the words used have changed over time. Not only that but biblical scholarship has improved considerably and more ancient texts have been discovered since the translators hired by King James were working.

    • tracystouch says:

      I agree with you completely and I thank you for inquiring and commenting. I am conurrently debating this and many other subtopics for very personal reasons. The King James Bible has been in my experience, the one that alot of my religious/christian friends have previously refered to. In my research, I have found that the New World Translations is one that has been said to be the most accurate and easy to understand and I would agree that it is easier to understand and I have compared it with the King James version. But many might argue with me that it is has been altered to promote the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses. And I have first hand knowledge and experiences with them although I am not a JW, it is my opinion that most of them closely follow the Bible.
      Anyhow, I would welcome your thoughts on which Bible version I should recommend.

      • BairbreSine (Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn) says:

        Wellll, I’m an atheist/recovering fundamentalist so take that into account but I think The New International Version (NIV) published in 1967 is pretty good as far as being well written and easy to comprehend.I think it is interesting and somewhat enlightening to compare the various versions. Thanks to the internet that has become really easy.

        This site is nice because it allows you to compare large passages in quite a few translations: http://www.biblestudytools.com/parallel-bible/

        This one is cool because you get several translations all on one page of specific verses: http://bible.cc/


      • Tracys Post says:

        Thankyou I will check out those sites. And I have never completely committed to any religion and stayed somewhere in the middle of it and atheism. I studdied ALOT. But it always left me with more anxiety and more questions. Then awhile ago I came accross a video that put it in a little more perspective for me and it made me feel a little lighter. If you are interested, check it out: http://youtu.be/DvRPbsXBVBo

      • BairbreSine (Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn) says:

        I’ve been an atheist a long time. Nearly 30 years. It was difficult at first but once I settled into it, it just became a part of who I am.


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