Kill Me with Gratefulness

The Olive Garden restaurant at Times Square Ma...

Today has been a pretty crappy day. Running on 4 hours of sleep probably doesnt help either.  First day of spring break too so the restaurant was extremely busy.

But I was crazy busy because I had a 7 top who litterally would ask me for a soup refill right when I was setting down the refill they had already asked for. This happened 5 times along with breadsticks, salad etc… They all got more then their 6.95 each. Then another table complained about having to wait 30 min to be seated and having to go to an appointment so now that becomes my problem too because I have to try to rush everything. (Why people would wait that long when we tell them up front there’s a wait, is beyond me. I’d eat afterwards or hit up McDonalds) But my manager told them, nicely, its the 1st day of spring break and EVERYONE has had to wait 20 min or so. Seemed like they got nicer after that but 2 of them left for their appointment before they got their food and left grandma to wait at the table until they returned an hour later.

I had to just keep smiling though and be as nice as possible and she kept thanking me and apologizing etc.. At least she tipped me 20%. It should have been more for the time but it could have been less.

So anyhow, all of this inconsiderate behavior that happens on a daily basis that I have to deal with, can put me in a bad mood. When dealing with difficult, and sometimes ill spirited people, my motto really is to “kill them with kindness” and most of the time, it works. But it might take until the very end of the meal to win them over. And even if I’ve won, I still end up feeling drained.

So how do I lift myself back up after all that? I can usually leave it at the restaurant. But sometimes its at home with me. So I started thinking about killing the negativity with gratefullness. I dont know if it will work but I’ll give it a try. Now this is not a new idea, it stems from Oprah and her gratefull journal. I’m not keeping a journal right now, although I used to, but I am writing a blog. So if you are interested, look for my next post Ten things I am grateful for.


One thought on “Kill Me with Gratefulness

  1. I’ve been pondering this blog for a few days as I share your frustration . The entire service industry is taking a beating and the front of the house is feeling the hardest blows because they deal with every part that forms the whole industry. I am a server 26 years in the business the host seats my table if she is rude I am judged the guest if he is having a bad day I am judged the cook of the line crashes I am judged my manager if she dosent handle it to the liking of the guest that’s having a bad day I am judged…if I’m having a good day it dosent matter.
    Tracy you’re the kind of person who is grateful anyway just know you’re not alone. I think a lot of servers are feeling the heat only a few still care enough to keep trying. PS you just inspired my next blog I’ve been trying to find a passionate topic outside religion
    This is the one thank you!

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