You’ll Be Missed Whitney

The Greatest Love of All

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I was just sitting in the living room with my daughters playing a Disney Game. And the channel 6 local news App notified me that  Whitney Houston has died at only 48. I let out a gasp when I read it. My daughters were like “What?”  They have heard of her but they dont realize the impact she had on so many.

Immediately when I hear her name I think of the  first song I ever heard by her, “How Will I Know” and I can even remember seeing the video for the 1st time. I loved her! She was beautiful and her voice reflected that. I would play that song over and over, dancing in my room as a young teenager, singing along.

The hits to follow were even more amazing, they were magical. She had such a strong and natural quality yet so much control over it.

 When she seemed to disappear from the music scene, I just thought she was raising her kids and enjoying life. And then I started hearing all about drug problems etc… It was so disappointing.

I think the last time I saw her on television, she came on Oprah and appeared to be making a comeback. I was so happy to see her. And although I noticed that her voice did not seem to be as strong and flawless as it once was, I was still cheering her on.

What happened Whitney? This is so tragic. You will be missed.

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