My Domain

Computer feestje

Computer feestje (Photo credit: arneheijenga)

So….I just changed the name of my blog site to Tracys Touch because I’m planning to buy a domain name to match and I find out that it has been taken! I checked this a little while ago before I chose this name and it was free. I was so set on using this name for my website and to make subdomains with. Now what?!

All day I have been brainstorming ideas with my daughters who think I’m crazy. (hm, crazy train…. tracytrain….tracystrain?) I have 2 pages of ideas that have been narrowed down to half a page of crappy names due to the fact that all the others have been taken too. I even tried using my own full name as a .com and someone stole that too!

Well, this is going to take some time. But I dont plan on taking too much time. I have to make a decision soon. When I do, you’ll be hearing from me again……hopefully. Tracy

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