Take the Money and Run

I have not worked a night shift in a long time. I thought they had dedicated me to dayshift and I didnt mind at all, kind of preferred it.

But if they schedule me 1 or 2 nights a week, I think I’d like it as long as it goes sort of like tonight.

I came in later and  I was only there for about 2 and half hours and still made $50, It could have been closer to $60 but my 1st and last table were cheapskates. It usually takes me a good 4 to 5 hours during a lunch shift to make over $40. And most of the time you dont have to run like you do during the day when everyone is having soup and salad, however, tonight was a bit unusual. Alot of wine drinkers, “cha ching” but some annoying N/A refills who should have just ordered a pitcher with a straw. Also, the way I was being seated was a little bit crazy too. But it was over before I knew it and I was stopping at the store to go shopping before I came home.


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