Tornado Warning

There was a tornado warning as I went to work today. It was storming and I was hoping that it would not keep our guests away. But once I got there and stood around waiting for my first table after 30 minutes, I then started questioning “What kind of people would go out to eat in this weather?”

Well, if you really want to know. They are people who ask if we really wash our lemons and to tell them the truth. They are also people that yell “We don’t want that right now! We’re not finished with our salad and we’re not going to be rushed!” after you brought out their entrees to help out a coworker who is the one actually waiting on them, because the food was sitting in the window & computer screen says it’s been ready for 12 min

Unfortunately, I was cut before 3pm which was when another severe storm was expected to move through so I do not have anymore to write about.

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