An Off Monday

Why am I so lucky to have the day off you ask? Because we have someone new doing the schedule. So instead of my usual Tuesday & Wednesday off , I have today off, work tomorrow and then get Wednesday off.

It is rumored that our area managers think the employees dictate their schedules and they dont like it. So apparently, despite the fact that I do not have weekends off, having 2 days off in a row during the week is too accomodating. Its bad enough that we have to go to work and worry about the featured food, featured wine, offering complimentary wine samples, bringing the bottle on nights and weekends, whats in the 2 new items that last only 5 weeks & takes me 5 weeks to learn and what wine goes with what, prebussing, running food, introducing your service partner, checking your partners tables as well as your own, suggesting specific appetizers, alcohol beverages & desserts, knowing your sales goals, reaching those goals, (especially alcohol, so that you dont have to go to a class at 9am on a Saturday morning before your shift) practicing party mode procedures, pivot points, hot food go, filling the ice, glasses, stocking, sidework and many other things I’ve forgotten that I’m sure to be quizzed on tomorrow……….but NOW we cant even get too relaxed at home with a nice predictable schedule.

So what can I do on my 1 day off besides complain on my blog? I have the day to catch up on cleaning and ironing my work uniforms. Yay me.


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