Sunday blahs

It was a longer than normal work day for a sunday. But I cannot say that it dragged and yet it wasn’t crazy busy. Jeff & I had a couple parties and made some money. Things were a little unorganized as far as table seating and cutting people at the end of the day. Like when I got tripple sat  right before they cut me but again, I made a little bit more money and I have tomorrow off.

I’m not sure I’m going to like how they are scheduling me now that a new manager has taken over that task. This week my 2 days off are not in a row and they have scheduled me 15 min. later than usual. Not really a big deal except I’m not sceduled as a closer so by the time I get there, everyone else could have tables and I wont have as many and I’ll still get cut early. But I’ll give it some time to see if they adjust stuff next week and I’m not going to worry, because as previously stated, my goal is to get out of this business. So any extra time I can get to work on making that happen will just get me closer to weaning myself out and on my own.

Keeping it short so that I can do something with my girls tonight since they were mostly stuck in the house all weekend while their dad is working in S. Florida.

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